Friday, October 31, 2008

Twittering Puzzles

This is really cool to see in my Twitter stream:

I like this because it's a very nice, simple way to spread the word about Puzzazz and increase viral signups. Simply set up twitter in your Puzzazz preferences, and you'll automatically get a tweet each time you solve a puzzle. I don't tweet misses, only solves, so you never get embarrassed.

There are two other recent changes to make Puzzazz even friendlier. You can subscribe to the Puzzazz feed in your blog reader, or you can sign up to get puzzles emailed to you every morning.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lose the Landing Page

This month, I'm mostly blogging on thisDev about my 30-day adventure to build a consumer web service from scratch. Today's topic is about user experience and I thought it's interesting enough to cross-post.

It's about the landing page, that stalwart of web sites that serves as a gateway (or a roadblock) to the rest of your site. If you're thinking about having a landing page on your web site, the short version is: don't.

For more details, read 19 Days: Lose the Landing Page.