Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Extreme Makeover, Web Edition

Regular readers of this blog have heard about the Sampa redesign. First, I wrote about the array of confusing options in the original Sampa UI and that the solution to the confusion was, essentially, to start over. Next, I wrote about making the case for the redesign and what it took to sell the design and make it happen. Last, I promised to write about the new design itself. But, as often happens, I never got around to that third post. I've been busy, and not just at work -- see thisTangent for a few of the other reasons.

And now ... sorry, but this isn't the third blog post either.

I still plan to write that blog post, but I've got something better for you. On June 24th, I'm going to give a talk at StartPad about the whole process. I'll touch on those first two topics, but I plan to spend most of the time on the actual redesign -- what decisions we made, why we made them, and how users have benefited from them. Plus, you'll be able to ask questions (be nice!).

You can get more info and to sign up on the StartPad site.