Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yes, Companies Do Listen

In October, I blogged about a major flaw in the Tully's web site, tullys.com -- basically, there was no way to find a Tully's location unless you knew about their secondary site, tullyscoffeeshops.com. Yesterday, Tully's fixed it, not only providing the link but making it prominent. Yes, it could be better still, but now it's a lot better than plenty of other sites.

The surprising thing was the post on their Facebook page (The Power of User-Generated Feedback for Companies) where they credited me with inspiring them to action. That's great to hear. Helping people improve the experience for their users and customers is why I write it. When I help people in my UX consulting practice or for free in my monthly UX office hours, I get to see the benefit firsthand. But, with my blog, it's hard to see the direct impact.

Thanks, Tully's.